Strategies and Services aims to provide flexible services designed to help women from less developed countries succeed with their integration plan. The objective is not to simply provide a counselling service, but to look together for the necessary support needed by the women at this stage of their journey away from home to carry on.


Emigrating  does bring  results in the long run for all countries. But in time of financial crisis, its long standing effects and impact could be hard to measure.  The success of your migration will depend on some factors to carrefully assess before leaving. Factors as age, what you're about to achieve in your personal and professional life.

Education & training

Migrantwomanjourney works with other women associations and agencies to build awareness, advocate for migrant women's rights, educate young women  in order for them to measure their decision before leaving their country and the people they were serving.

Nonprofits & Communities

Our goal is to make a meaningful difference that provides lasting results for the women we are working with. We take a flexible and scalable approach with advocacy campaigns and talk initiatives to strengthen and build giving relationships.

Building Successful Platforms

A good emigration story is a well-thought decision and when one can count of the support of close family members.

From talking with migrant women, in depth research studies and data analysis to projections, we make certain to comprehensively approach all kind of migration story.