Nonprofit and Community Organization based in Switzerland  is a community webpage and consulting firm dedicated to exchanging ideas and reflections on and about women living outside their native country or those who think of emigrating.  Having observed the effects of migration in women, we understand what it takes to adapt, build an effective life and professional career in a new country.
Bringing women of third countries together

This webpage is a place where migrant women from third countries can share their thoughts about their experiences in migration. Our aim is to work directly with them to create engaging campaigns that build beneficial relationships between them in their adopted country.

Tailored events Campaigns

Understanding migrant women challenges  and needs are vital to building the right services to them. At, we know that for all time people have always use their personal identity to engage in society.  All collective problematics started with the identification of the same for many individuals. We do our diligence to ensure we cover a wide range of topics regarding migrant woman everywhere and especially the ones coming from developing countries  and more subject to discrimination.

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How to cope

What to consider before leaving/Strategic planning

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